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Here Is our origin story. - Two Women (Marcia, and Linda) who love crochet are introduced by a family member. Marcia lives in West Virginia, and Linda in Florida. They Speak by phone, and agree to do an arrangement to sell wash cloths. This leads to Soap Animals, a request for hats, camo Items, and stuffed toys.

Then the fate filled question was asked " Do you ever Sell at ComicCons?"

A New Era Begins - one filled with Anime, Dragons, Movie Characters, and cartoons. The business increases to visit shows in

LA, AL, GA,FL, WV, VA, MD ,PA...

and Linda and Marcia communicate almost daily; continuing to love and support each other and their craft through the Internet, Facebook, and now this website, without ever meeting in person!

True Geek Grannies together Forever!!